Putting Immense Efforts

To make space for our brand in the competitive market, we have worked very hard and have successfully emerged as a top-notch Indian company. Our efforts to make customers happy are being fruitful and we promise that we will keep on working in the dedicated manner so that our outshining image remains the same.

Choose Us Because..

  • We never make any compromise with the quality of our offerings and ensure to follow all the predefined guidelines strictly.
  • We charge impressive rates for offerings, which fits customers pockets because of which they buy them easily.
  • We have the expertise and rich experience in the industry as we have been active since 1981.

Our Taskforce: Support Pillars

The expertise and refined skills of our employees help us to come up with Bed Sheet, Absorbent Cotton Wool, Adult Mattress, Adult Diaper and a lot more products. We are proud of our task force and are practicing all the following employee-centric policies & programs to keep them happy and develop a healthy corporate relationship with them. These programs are:

  • We keep conducting varied workshops, seminars and training sessions to upgrade the knowledge as well as skills of our teammates.
  • The managers of different departments carried out one-to-one sessions with their subordinates in order to understand their issues and expectations.
  • To motivate the employees, our management reward them with incentives, bonuses, promotions, salary appraisals. etc. 
  • We also conduct team building activities in our company so to make the bond between our personnel stronger.